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Superior Quality

As our name suggests, granite is our specialty. For kitchens, granite is the stone of choice — it is impervious to heat and resistant to household acids, as well as being available in a great range of colours. It will be just as beautiful 50 years from now as it is today.

Slab Selection

We stock approximately 700 slabs of granite, marble, quartzite, engineered quartz and porcelain at any given time. Rather than a sample-sized piece, you get to see the entire slab that you’re choosing. Once you’ve made your selection, the slab is reserved for you.

Precision Installation

Our fabricators are trained in-house and our equipment is as high-tech as it gets in the industry. This combination ensures that you receive a high-quality, custom-cut, precision-fit product that is as beautiful, durable and easy to maintain as you dreamed it would be.