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The ideal kitchen and bathroom countertops are functional, durable and low-maintenance, and if they can be beautiful as well, that’s a bonus. Natural stone countertops easily meet those criteria.

Kootenay Granite specializes in producing custom-fitted natural stone and engineered stone countertops for your kitchen, bathroom and place of business. We carry an extensive selection of granite, marble, quartzite, engineered quartz and porcelain for you to choose from, and our design consultants will be happy to answer your questions and be of assistance.

Kitchen Countertops

For your kitchen countertops, we recommend granite. Having been formed deep in the earth, it is impervious to heat and incredibly tough. Hot pots and household acids won’t harm it, and your knives will go dull without leaving a scratch on it. Granite is naturally created in an array of colours and patterns, and you can pick the stone slab that best reflects the taste and personality of the people and environment that will surround it.

Bathroom Countertops

Your bathroom countertop needs to be almost as tough as your kitchen one. Granite works well for bathroom counters and shower stalls, as does quartz, a tough engineered product made from quartzite and resin. These materials are easy and uncomplicated to maintain and retain their lustrous finish for generations.

Sinks and Faucets

Kootenay Granite carries a selection of sinks and faucets for you to pick from to complement your new or renovated kitchen or bathroom. If you prefer pieces that we don’t have in stock, we will be happy to order them for you, and we’ll take care of the installation as well.

Additions in Stone

We have a stock of stone slab remnants on hand, and we love to turn these into small projects. Vanities, desk-tops, fireplace hearths or mantels — come and check our growing selection of granite, marble and quartzite remnants for your next small project.