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Commercial Services

If you would like to elevate the impression your company makes on your clients and staff, consider using natural stone. Granite, marble and quartzite are extremely popular for interior decor because of their beauty, functionality and ease of care. The incorporation of natural stone into the decor at your place of business conveys a message of quality, strength and permanence.

Granite, marble and other quality stone can enhance any enterprise:

  • Granite gateposts for your market garden farm
  • A granite background or base for your company name and logo
  • Granite countertops in your pizzeria
  • A granite or marble fireplace surround in your cozy lodge
  • Marble accents for your hotel foyer
  • Quartzite countertops for your reception area
  • Granite accents in the washrooms
  • A customized natural stone desktop for your office
  • Address rocks and commercial signage
  • Granite stone cladding

Natural Stone Sends a Message

The design consultants at Kootenay Granite will be happy to discuss your ideas and help you make your selections. We stock an extensive selection of full-size natural stone slabs where you can find the perfect pieces that will function the way you need them to while they quietly convey their message. Whether it’s bold or subtle, natural stone means quality.